2 women, tough, determined, nearing thirty something; follow these women on an odyssey of personal discovery, as they endure one of Boston's most feared and respected Boot Camps. For a full hour each day, for six weeks, these women will fight off the smog, traffic, poor self image, and the draconian discipline of a crazed ex-marine, in an effort to be able to say "I did that".

Urban Boot Camp is the stuff of legend, and is not for the faint of heart. All of their know-how, all of their strength, everything that they have learned watching countless M.A.S.H re-runs, all the pain, agony, and self effacement of working for Compaq and Motorola will need to be called into action if they are to pass into the hallowed halls of greatness.

Following these women's diaries; reveling in their successes, feeling the agony and torment of their failures, and finding out what it is like to be yelled at by a totally unreasonable psychopathic ex-marine, Military Diaries brings you a blow-by-blow account of 2 women, on a collision course with destiny.

Abby Dougherty

Sharon Barclay
29 34
5'11 5'7 apparently
Classified Classified
Marital Status:
Married I think, therefore I'm single
Favourite food:
Shrimp Sushi
Movie that makes you cry:
Terms of Endearment Cinema Paradiso & Gallipoli
Military hero:
G.I. Jane The "Cooler King" Hilts, played by Steve McQueen, and Radar from M.A.S.H
Favourite weapon:
The "crook" eye, the "evil" eye and the "stink" eye Bazooka. Only because the word sounds so cool
Dream military job:
Apache Pilot Sexual Harassment Officer. The person in charge of sexual harassment.