Throughout this whole grueling experience, it has been the kind words of those who love us, that have given us the will, the drive, the sheer volume of workout clothes, to see this through to the end. After all, if our instructor has taught us one thing; you get really buff in the Marines.

Here is some of your feedback, if you would like to leave some more, e-mail us here

-"My god Sharon your a FREAK OF NATURE !!!!!!! Nice web site though. Can't wait to see the torture pics later. Good luck and don't break a really....don't break a leg!" -James Ingram

-"Sounds like it's going to SUCK like no training you've ever done. If you live to tell the tale, I may consider doing this. Now get out there and kick some ass, cadets. HOO-YAH" -Lauren Canter

-"oiyy...good grief. you're gonna pay for this?!!" -Joon Yun

You're nuts! -Stephanie

-"Gawd, you must be out of your mind doing something like this"
-June Harley

"This is f__king hysterical. Tears have fallen off my face and onto my desk!" -Todd Fitzpatrick

What the hell is YOO HAH ( or YOO HOO ) or whatever it is you yell after a move? This MUST be a girlie thing because 50 years ago it was YO!!!! In fact, 50 years ago there were only MEN in the Corps. And another thing, there is no such thing as an EX-Marine!!!!!! Only FORMER Marines!!!! ( ONCE A MARINE, ALWAYS A MARINE. ) And another thing, officers do not conduct PT, sergeants do! And another thing, when are you girls going to run along the beach with a 20' telephone pole on your shoulders, passing it over your head from shoulder to shoulder? And another thing, when are you going to do your 25 in full field gear, including pack and rifle ( M1, 9.5 lbs ) right after your 3 mile run? Huh? Huh? -Jerry Comeau

"I hear that if you don't turn up, they come to your house and yell at you!" -Monica Hinojos

"That instructor looks tough. Is it a woman?" -Ken Revis

"What are you thinking??? I'll take the Davis Double and the Death Ride any old day!" -Matt Emerson

"YOU - are a maniac. Don't suppose there are any cute men in the program?" -Anne Wright

"you're a psycho! " -Veronica Zanellato

"I look forward to sharing your pain, vicariously ;-)" -Soren Ryherd

"What the bloody hell have you gotten yourself into. Sounds very brave to me...... if not a little crazy." -Mandy Britt

What is also disturbing to me as a former D.I. (Drill Instructor) is to hear a girl D.I. yelling commands in a high falsetto voice, while I and other cadre issued the same commands in deep, scary, masculine voices which demanded compliance by its tone. And, in those days, if you didn't comply then I would whack you 'up side the head' with my 'swagger stick'. Then you would drop and give me 25. Of course, over the years that booming baritone voice of mine is getting ever closer to sounding like Richard Simmons. -Jerry Comeau

"I have a couple of questions...1)what bad thing did you do in a previous life to cause you to feel the need to perform acts of penance? 2)what's next?...public flogging? cold water enemas? bikini waxing? and, finally...are you out of your ----ing mind?"

"Ha Ha Ha. Of all the harebrained things you have ever done, this has got to be the harebrainedest." -Carolyn Phillips

"I can't think of a more unpleasant way of starting the day. In fact if I thought about it real hard for several hours, it would be difficult to think of a more repellant morning routine. You need to get a man Sharon.....real bad." -Carolyn Phillips

"I've read with avidity (and occasional horror) your diary of pain. Wouldn't it be easier to sit in your office and stab needles in your eyes? Or drop large cast-iron objects on your toes?" -Bott Ikeler

"What are you doing, you nut?"
-Maria Doyle

"Love your reports and I am feeling for you. You can only think that in the end you will be so buff but in the meantime hope you don't shit your pants from over exertion."
-David Rudnick

If I were you (thank God I'm not that stupid to sign up and pay for a daily regimen of new-asshole-ripping) I'd start actively rolling in the goose shit. This will startle and perplex Charla. She will go pick on the swedish fish chick instead. -Jim Brogan

Your boot camp journal is absolutely enthralling. You’re a good writer…forget this management role! Back to the trenches! - Anon

What Capt. Charla is doing is commendable. I approve of the concept and its implementation. The fact that it is based on the Marine Corps Physical Fitness standards is disturbing. It took my recruits 16 weeks, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to reach "kick ass" status, and don't forget that 20 foot long telephone pole! This does not, in any way, diminish her efforts and sincerity to mold you "girls" into healthier specimens. -Jerry Comeau

Are you surviving boot camp? You really are anutbag I can't believe you signed up for that. -Mandy Britt

For the daily diet diary, everyone should say (preferably in unison) "swedish fish!" And then shout "hoo-rah". Charla will sense something odd happening and will be too confused to engage in her usual regimen of higher mathematics. -Jim Brogan

"Are you on crack?" -Nancy Mullally

"A military style physical training program...girl are you off your rocker???? All that fun at Denison and you should have gone to West Point!!!!"
-Wendy Gilligan

Looking forward to your next diary entry. BTW, I sent the link to my boyfriend and now he is addicted as well. As we were munching on pizza last night he turned to me and said, "Charla wouldn't approve of this." -Richard Finley

I just read everything on your site and went to your drill chick's site
(please don't tell her I called her a chick, she might hurt me).
-Chip Sheller

Just noticed the picture of Charla on your site and she is scary lookin'
-Richard Finley

Richard Finley